There are many reasons why you need a kegerator in your life. Off the top of our heads, beer is a good reason. Cold, crisp, and refreshing beer. Now that you're thirsty, let us elaborate. Wouldn't it be great to have a refreshing craft beer right now? Too bad your nearest bar isn't just a walk into your kitchen. It could be! With a kegerator, you'll have draft beer at home and this is only one of the benefits of owning a kegerator. If you want to know if a kegerator is right for you, keep reading.

1. It saves you money.

Think about how much beer on tap from the bar can cost you. Typically you can expect to pay anywhere from 4- 8 € on a beer depending on the type of beer you're drinking!. Also, does anyone actually go out just for one beer? No, you can usually expect to drink at least two, which can rack up to being quite a lot of money. Once you buy your kegerator, you can expect to spend as low as 1-2 € for a pint of beer, depending on the type of beer you're drinking. The initial cost of a Kegerator may be high but in the long run as a beer, cold brew coffee, or kombucha connoisseur, you will save a lot of money.

2. You can use it for drinks other than beer.

If beer isn't your thing, we don't judge. It's not just beer that taste better on tap, all drinks taste better on tap. You can upgrade your kitchen or home bar by including cold brew coffee, kombucha, cider, sodas, and even cocktails on draft!

3. Save space and the environment.

Instead of packing your fridge with bottles and cans, taking up space, you can have a separate freestanding kegerator for your beverages with reusable kegs. Now, when you're entertaining you don't have to worry about if your fridge can contain 60 beers and all the food for your guests. You can pick up a keg that will suit your needs and won't take up that precious refrigerator space.

4. Quality and consistency.

A big advantage of owning a kegerator is having a fresh beer every time and any time you want it. When stored in a keg within the refrigerated cabinet of a kegerator, beer and other beverages maintain their quality and stay fresh for long periods of time. Every pour from a kegerator is consistent and will always have that fresh taste.

A refrigerated keg in a kegerator without being opened can be preserved from 4-6 months. When opened and poured the first glass can last up to 4 weeks at least without losing its fresh taste.

5. Your home is the bar.

We've already discussed how much money you'd save drinking from your own kegerator than buying beers at the bar or even supermarket. However, one of the biggest and best reasons for getting a kegerator is convenience. Not only can you avoid driving, traffic, finding parking, and paying for gas but there are no lines at your kegerator and it's always pouring your favorite beer or beverage! Plus, you can be comfortable at your own home bar with the game that you want to watch on the TV. Finally, at the end of the night, you don't need to worry about sobering up and driving home or paying for a ride home, you're already there!

Have we painted a convincing enough picture for you? We hope so! We'd hate for you to be drinking anything less than perfection because life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest. So cheers to life, love, and the pursuit of great tasting beer!

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6. We sell a big and spacious Kegerator.

Our Kegerator is 170 lt net space kegerator. That means that can hold any size of Kegerator. If you are using 20 lt kegs (Stainless steel or one-way kegs) can fit two 20 lt kegs simultaneously that means that you never run out of cold fresh beer.

“ Anyone can drink beer but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer ”